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Following complaints by the residents of Folweni and uMlazi, eThekwini has finally acknowledged the water crisis that has left the communities without a water supply for the past 10 or more days.

During this period, there was a lack of communication from the municipality, leaving the affected communities unaware of the situation and without any assistance.

Many residents spent the holidays without access to water, exacerbating the hardships faced by the community.

Frustrated by the prolonged water shortage and the absence of communication or support from the municipality, residents demanded urgent intervention.

In a recent statement, the municipality addressed the issue, assuring residents that efforts are underway to restore water supply to the affected areas in uMlazi and Folweni.

According to the municipality, the interruption is attributed to constrained supply and inadequate inflow to the uMlazi 2 and 4 Reservoirs, as well as its dependent reservoirs connected to the Southern Aqueduct.

Municipal teams are actively monitoring the situation, focusing on Reservoir 2 at the Durban Heights Treatment Plant and primary reservoirs of the Southern Aqueduct in the Inner West, South, and Central Regions.

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The Southern Aqueduct’s current operation involves constant monitoring of reservoir levels and pressure at critical points to ensure the system functions optimally.

The Water Operations Team is conducting thorough investigations and tests on the trunk main between Durban Heights and uMlazi, checking isolating valves, air valves, and pressure-reducing valves for possible blockages and airlocks.

The teams are also examining the trunk main for leaks and bursts.

The affected areas include uMlazi 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 Reservoirs, as well as Ensimbini Reservoir and Folweni 1 and 2 Reservoirs.

Specific sections within these areas, such as uMlazi C, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, P, R, Q, W, AA, BB, U, Y, Z, X (Malukazi), Ensimbini, Ntabankulu, Mangamazini, Mkhazini, Folweni, Qhoseyiphethe, Dodoza, and Toyota City, are identified as the most affected.

The municipality apologized for the inconvenience caused and promised to provide further updates to the public as the situation unfolds.

Residents are hopeful that the municipality’s proactive measures will lead to a swift resolution and the restoration of water supply to their communities.


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