american president and south african president

South Africa has formally lodged an application with the International Court of Justice (ICJ) regarding the ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict, drawing criticism from the United States.

The U.S. openly opposed South Africa’s move, announcing its unwavering support for Israel in the upcoming week.

The South African application seeks a restraining order against Israel to halt its continuous aggression in Gaza. The conflict has resulted in the loss of over 22,000 lives, predominantly Palestinians, since its inception with Hamas initiating hostilities, met with retaliation from Israel.

The South African government strongly condemned Israel’s actions through an extensive 84-page submission, solidifying its stance against Israel’s use of force.

Contrary to South Africa’s position, the United States firmly backs Israel in its defense against Hamas. John Kirby, spokesperson for the U.S. State Department, asserted that South Africa’s application lacks evidence to substantiate its serious allegations against Israel.

Kirby emphasized the U.S.’s respect for the International Court of Justice and the commitment to honor its decisions.

Meanwhile, Israel remains resolute against South Africa’s application. Eylon Levy, spokesperson for the Israeli government, maintains that they are safeguarding themselves from the perceived threat posed by Hamas to the people of Israel.

Levy staunchly defended Israel against South Africa’s claims, asserting that the world will eventually pass judgment on their actions. Israel plans to respond to South Africa’s application by dispatching high-ranking diplomats to handle the matter.

Other nations, including Turkey and Malaysia, have expressed support for South Africa’s application. The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs intends to monitor the repercussions of the application, while Malaysia aims to present evidence of atrocities committed against over 22,000 individuals.

Diplomatic efforts are underway internationally to address the ongoing conflict. The Malaysian Department of Foreign Affairs has declared its intention to submit South Africa’s application, emphasizing the need for Israel to be held accountable for the loss of lives in Gaza.

Domestically, various political parties hold differing opinions on whether to support South Africa’s application.


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