Quality Biyela

Quality Biyela, popularly known for his maskandi music and flamboyant lifestyle allegedly survived a shooting near the KwaMashu hostels on Wednesday 2 November.

Quality told Durban Sun that he moved out of the hostel in 2019 and now stays in Johannesburg but he visits his friends whenever he is in Durban.

Biyela posted a video of his silver BMW showing a bullet hole on the windscreen and two other bullet holes on the back bumper of the car.

Quality Biyela car

In the video, Quality is heard thanking the power of God, who saved him from the assailants.

He said that he was attacked by men in two cars when he was leaving a hostel in this township heading to the city, Durban.

Biyela is famous for wearing expensive clothes and the kind of expensive alcohol that he is often seen washing his hands with on social media.

Speaking to Durban Sun on Sunday, he said he had just left KwaMashu hostel when he was followed by a car around 9pm.

He said the car stopped in front of him and he was insulted by one of the men in it.

While still in shock, according to him, another car appeared which indicated that it was with those who were disturbing him.

“When I was still confused by that, they just took out their guns and shot towards us. Then I tried to run away from the car and they said they put them down. They shot its body (the car) with bullets. The tires even went flat. When it became clear that the car could no longer move, we got out and ran away trying to save our lives and the one I was traveling with “luckily, neither of us were hurt,” said Quality.

When asked if he had filed a lawsuit, he said he had not had time to file it because he was busy trying to repair the damage to his car.

Commenting on this issue, a police officer who is not authorized to speak to the media, said that there was no case reported at the KwaMashu station involving the attack on the celebrity.

KwaZulu-Natal police spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Nqobile Gwala, said the incident was not reported to the police.


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