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ANC Says It’s Taking Action to Tackle Service Delivery Challenges

In a bid to address and rectify service delivery problems plaguing municipalities under its administration, the African National Congress (ANC) has intensified its efforts to ensure a higher standard of living for citizens.

ANC Policy and Research Head, Febe Potgieter, recently briefed the media on the party’s strategies to mitigate service delivery issues, particularly in areas like Mangaung, where residents have faced challenges such as sewage spillage, uncollected refuse, and water supply problems.

Community members in Mangaung have been grappling with these critical issues, leading the ANC to acknowledge the urgent need for intervention.

Potgieter revealed that the ANC has sternly communicated with the municipalities it oversees, emphasizing the imperative of prompt and effective solutions to service delivery problems.

The ANC plans to dispatch evaluation teams to all municipalities where the party holds the majority.

These teams will assess the existing challenges and work towards implementing comprehensive solutions.

The focus is not only on resolving immediate concerns but also on establishing a communication channel between the ANC and local communities.

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Service delivery issues have long been a pervasive challenge in South Africa, with many townships enduring extended periods without essential services like electricity, water, and waste removal.

The ANC recognizes the severity of these problems and aims to bridge the gap between promises and actions to garner support from the public.

As the political landscape evolves, tensions have risen with the emergence of the new political party, Mkhonto weSizwe, challenging the ANC.

The ANC acknowledges the need to act decisively to address service delivery concerns, ensuring that citizens witness tangible improvements in their daily lives.

By taking concrete steps to fulfill their commitments, the ANC aims to garner the support of the people and fortify its position amidst the emerging political challenges.



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