A 69-year-old female discovered her son’s lifeless body with multiple stab wounds on a footpath in Cottonlands.

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Upon discovering this, they called for assistance from Reaction Unit South Africa. RUSA responded to the call, officers were led to the pathway where the lifeless body was. The 38-year-old sustained multiple stab wounds to his chest and abdomen. He was announced deceased by the medics.

The deceased’s 28-year-old friend was discovered at his home approximately 30 meters away. He had been stabbed three (3) times in his abdomen, twice in his neck, and once in his right leg. He informed Reaction Officers that he and the deceased were consuming traditional beer at his residence last night.

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Two unknown males approached and befriended them. The four consumed alcohol together. Around 00:00 they decided to purchase more alcohol from a local tavern. The homeowner and the two unknown men left while the deceased remained in the house. While walking to the tavern, the two males produced knives and repeatedly stabbed the victim.

They left him for dead and returned to the house where they stabbed the deceased. It could not be confirmed if they dumped his body in the pathway or if the critically injured man collapsed while attempting to seek assistance. His injured friend managed to make his way back to the house.

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According to the deceased’s mother, she contacted him telephonically late last night and requested that he return home. This morning, she discovered that he did not return and went in search of him when she made discovery. The motive for the attack was confirmed.


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