Jacob Zuma uMkhonto weSizwe

The MK party has had to reschedule its event in Newcastle, originally set to honour valiant MK comrades, due to the wellbeing of their leader, Jacob Zuma.

This gathering, initially planned for January 6, 2024, in Majuba, encountered scheduling issues when Msholozi, the esteemed leader, confirmed his attendance.

A primary factor in this decision is the consideration of Jacob Zuma’s health and stamina.

Given his advanced age, there are valid concerns about his capacity to maintain a rigorous schedule, particularly affecting the forthcoming campaigns.

His age is becoming an increasingly significant factor in planning his engagements.

A circulating audio clip from an MK comrade suggests that Msholozi might be too tired for the event if held on the original date.

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Consequently, the organizers have shifted the event to January 7, 2024, a Sunday, aiming for better attendance.

The revised schedule includes a motorcade starting at Madadeni College, passing through Osizweni and Newcastle, and concluding at Trim Park.

The organizers express their gratitude for the community’s understanding and urge the public to spread the word about the new date.

Those initially informed about the event on January 6 should now adjust their plans for January 7, 2024.


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