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Drama Unfolds as uMkhonto weSizwe’s Motorcade Reaches Locked Townhouse in Pietermaritzburg

The newly formed uMkhonto weSizwe party embarked on a motorcade campaign that journeyed from Umlazi to Pietermaritzburg this past Saturday. The political mobilization event, which drew significant attention, showcased over 100 vehicles and commenced at Mega City Mall in Umlazi at approximately 09:30 AM.

The motorcade made a thorough tour around all sections of Umlazi. This procession of vehicles, adorned with the party’s colors and banners, created a vibrant spectacle, garnering support and curiosity from onlookers.

As the motorcade proceeded to its final destination in Pietermaritzburg, expectations were high.

However, upon arrival at the townhouse, a dramatic turn of events unfolded. Participants of the motorcade were met with an unexpected obstacle – the building they intended to access was locked, effectively denying them entry.

Despite this setback, the uMkhonto weSizwe party’s motorcade campaign marks a significant moment in the party’s efforts to establish itself as a formidable force in the local political landscape.

The event’s broad reach and the public’s response to it are indicative of the growing interest in and the potential impact of this new political entity.

This event is likely to remain a topic of discussion in the political circles of Umlazi and Pietermaritzburg in the coming days.



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