Reaction Unit South Africa lines were buzzed multiple times with reports of murder-suicide in Lenham. Residents called for assistance after a man gunned down a female on aGlosen Place, later on, he turned the gun at himself and killed himself.

As the reaction officers arrived on the scene they discovered the body of a female believed to be in her late thirties lying on the road outside her property. She sustained a single gunshot wound on her head.

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Due to the degree of injury, she was pronounced deceased. The body of the partner who also was in his late thirties was discovered in his flat one road away from the initial shooting.

It is alleged the two were in a relationship. The man allegedly confronted the female outside her residence where they started a heated argument.

He produced a firearm and shot her before he fled to his flat. The deceased`s teenage daughter from a previous relationship was in the house at the time of the incident.

The male requested a glass of water from his mother and requested that he see his 13-year-old son from his first marriage when he returned to his home. He allegedly embraced his son before taking his life.

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He used the .38 special (picture below). According to his mother, he purchased the firearm on Saturday. The weapon is believed to be unlicensed but this is yet to be confirmed.

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Circumstances surrounding the murder/suicide were not immediately established.


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