Another Durban star suffered a stroke. L`vovo was in the middle of a show when he suffered a “minor stroke” in Ndwendwe, KwaZulu-Natal on 23 December.

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L’vovo has been hospitalised. Image: @lvovosa Source: Instagram

His record label has assured the fans that in spite of him being in a hospital, he is responding very well to medication. They said so in an official statement following the event.

A few days ago, another Durban artist, Mampintsha, also suffered a stroke after a performance. He died a few days later.

Mzansi wishes L’vovo a speedy recovery Peeps took to Twitter to wish the musician a speedy recovery after news of his hospitalisation broke on social media.

@BoichokoDichaba said: “Is it a coincidence what’s happening in the music industry? Does this not warrant a thorough investigation? We can have 2 of our artists suffering from the same disease and then we act like it’s an isolated incident.”

@ntwanano wrote: “Can we check our blood pressures and all those other vitals often as black people? BP is a silent killer. Don’t know if it’s the cause here and other recent cases but it is the biggest cause of strokes.”


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