EThekwini Prepaid Electricity Vending System Down!

eThekwini Municipality residents on Tuesday complained that they were unable to buy prepaid electricity tokens.

In a statement, the city told residents that they were aware of a temporary disturbance in the electricity vending system.

“Customers are temporarily unable to buy prepaid electricity tokens due to damage in our fibre cables.”

“Technicians are currently attending to this problem. Should the repairs take longer than expected, customers are urged to purchase electricity at our Sizakala centres tomorrow morning from 07h30,” said the city in a statement.

The municipal vending sites were inactive.

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The municipality advised customers to visit Sizakala centres tomorrow morning from 07h30 if the problem persists.

Residents took to social media sharing their issues and concerns on the City’s Facebook page.

One resident wrote, “So we should wait until 7:30 in the morning why there is no alternative solution? The most irritating thing is that people who are honest to buy electricity are the ones suffering and those who Rob it does not have a problem.”

Another resident asked, “This is a usual occurrence now. Are your fibre contractors sabotaging you in order to get repairs and maintenance work? Are your employees colluding with the saboteurs, what’s going on?”


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