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Durban’s Star Meats hits back at allegations that it hired undocumented nationals and sells rotten meat

Durban – Star Meat, a popular butchery in Durban, has come under fire following allegations on the hiring of undocumented foreign nationals and selling expired meat.

It is alleged that at least 14 Malawian nationals were arrested and taken to the Sydenham police station earlier this week. The arrests come on the back of Operation Good Hope, an eThekwini Municipality initiative to enforce city by-laws, illegal connections, illegal dumping and fire and health regulation compliance.

The social media post alleged that they did not receive assistance from the butchery’s management.

There are also allegations of Star Meats selling old and rotten meat and mixing beef and mutton products.

The post claimed that rotten meat is re-washed and sold to unsuspecting customers.

“One of the staff provided us with a video showing him removing a sell-by date from a cake and re-dating it with an extended date. We also have footage of a whole sheep carcass that was almost greening that was being rinsed to remove the slime prior to being sliced up and sold to a retail customer,” the Facebook post alleged.

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Star Meats owner, Riaz Jalal, has slammed the allegations.

“There have been numerous messages circulated with no details of the publisher to address the matter, therefore, the perpetrator will be dealt with in due time, along with any person who continues to make unfounded defamatory and exaggerated statements,” he said.

Jalal added that the management and staff implicated are committed to producing the best service.

“We are always open to setting a meeting with any customer concerned to discuss the matter further. Star Meats is committed to the needs of all of our customers, staff and stakeholders.

“In recent years allegations against our management and staff have proven to be false. In actual fact, we have just won the Reader Choice Best Butcher of 2022, when in previous years the brand was only nominated. We welcome transparency. We are loyal to our customers and value the support of all of our customers who know these claims to be unfounded,” Jilal said.

Ward councillor, Remona McKenzie, said she was aware of the allegations and they were in talks with management.

She added that there are ongoing Operation Good Hope projects taking place across the ward to ensure businesses are compliant with regulations. – IOL



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