Last night (Tuesday) six men posed as cops and were apprehended and are being processed for a home invasion that happened on Summit Drive in Redcliffe.

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The victims alerted a local security company of the ongoing home invasion around 22:00. More information was provided on the arrival of the security officers. It came to light that six men arrived at their home and identified themselves as Policemen. Four of the suspects were dressed in SAPS bulletproof vests.

The robbers produced firearms when they entered the house, and instructed the victims to remain silent. In that house were three men, five women, and four children.

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They cable-tied the adult victims` hands and forced them into one of the bedrooms before they scattered the house in search of valuables.

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Eight cell phones and two TV’s were stolen. The complainants could not confirm what vehicle was used in the commission of the crime. They managed to free themselves from their restraints and contacted the local security company (RUSA) for assistance after the suspects fled.

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No injuries were reported.


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