Three suspects who have allegedly been terrorising communities in the KwaZulu-Natal south coast have shot and killed during a shootout with police.

It’s alleged that, on November 10, the suspects hijacked and kidnapped a driver in Ixopo before later dumping him in the bushes.

The suspects went on to use the vehicle to commit a house robbery at Thathani area in Highflats.

The occupants of the house were held at gunpoint by four armed men. They were robbed of cash, an airgun, cellphones and other valuabes.

Police were immediately alerted of the house robbery and a joint operation was put in place.

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As the suspects were approached, there was a shoot-out. Three suspects were fatally wounded while the fourth managed to flee the scene.

Police recovered four firearms as well as the items that were stolen during the house robbery.

It was established that the suspects were involved in a business robbery and murder where a Magma Security official was shot and killed.

It is alleged that on 29 October 2022 at 05:30, a business robbery occurred at a premises situated on Shepstone Street in Richmond where a group of armed men entered and demanded cash.

A vehicle from Magma security was stopped by security guards. A shot was fired by the suspects at the vehicle and it struck a reaction officer from Magma Security and Investigation aged 31 who died at the scene.


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