Hollywoodbets Durban 10km Race 2023

The highly anticipated Hollywoodbets Durban 10km Race is set to return for its third consecutive year, promising an exciting day of running and entertainment for participants and spectators alike.

However, as the city gears up for this thrilling event, motorists are advised to take note of road closures that will be in effect to ensure the safety of the runners and the smooth execution of the race.

Scheduled to kick off on Sunday, September 3rd, this year’s Hollywoodbets Durban 10km Race will start and conclude at the iconic Hollywoodbets Kings Park Athletic Stadium.

The race itself is scheduled to commence promptly at 6 a.m., and to accommodate the event, several roads will be temporarily closed from 3 a.m. onwards.

Here is a detailed list of the road closures:

Masabalala Yengwa – The southbound lane, 2 meters north of LP 154, will be closed heading north in a contra-flow direction.

Athlone Drive – The right and eastbound lane on Athlone Drive will be closed.

Snell Parade – The right and southbound lane in the northbound direction will be closed.

Sun Coast Blvd – Traffic will continue south in the northbound lane.

Sylvester Ntuli – The right and southbound lane on Sylvester Ntuli will be closed in the northbound direction.

K E Masinga – The right and westbound lane on K E Masinga will be closed in the eastbound direction.

Masabalala Yengwa – The right and northbound lane on Masabalala Yengwa will be closed.

Isaiah Ntshangase – Motorists should be aware of runners crossing from the southbound lane to the northbound lane while still heading north.

Hollywood Bets KP 6 – Participants will turn left into the gate, left at the second pole, circle around the rugby field, pass behind the posts, and then turn right to finish in front of the stage, approximately 369 meters from the curb on Masabalala Yengwa to the finish line.

To minimize disruptions and potential delays, all motorists are strongly advised to plan their routes in advance, taking into account these temporary road closures.

Those not participating in the race are encouraged to consider alternative routes to avoid congestion and ensure a smooth flow of traffic.

The Hollywoodbets Durban 10km Race has grown to become a significant sporting event in Durban, attracting participants and spectators from across the region.

The temporary road closures are necessary to ensure the safety of the runners and facilitate a successful event.

For additional information and updates regarding road closures and race details, residents and motorists are encouraged to stay informed through local news channels and official race communications.

The Hollywoodbets Durban 10km Race promises to be an exciting day for the Durban community and running enthusiasts, and organizers are dedicated to making it a memorable and safe experience for all.


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