One mobile clinic vehicle set on fire in a violent protest

A mobile clinic vehicle was set on fire in KZN and the staff members on board were held hostage. The woman staff member was forced to pay money to the group of men which forced them off the road in the Umzinyathi District.

One mobile clinic vehicle set on fire in a violent protest

It is alleged that the medical team was on duty on their way to different clinics as per their normal routine. During this operation, they were forced off the road by armed men who were in a Toyota Quantum.

According to the Department of Health, a nurse had to pay her last R300 to the men after they put a tire around a male colleague’s neck and threatened to douse him with petrol, and set him alight.

Healthcare workers robbed, held hostage and attacked in violent protests in KZN

The suspects demanded to know why the medical team was working while they (suspects) are unemployed.

“The men set alight one of the vehicles, and completely smashed the windows of two others. The highly-traumatised staff members have had to receive counseling,” the department said in a media statement.


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