It is surprising how our celebs now can hide their pregnancy. The next thing you hear is they have a baby. A controversial blogger Musa Khawula reported that Nkosazana Daughter was expecting.

Now rumors are spreading that she has a baby. Could it be that they have a baby together with Sir Trill since it was rumored and they did not confirm or deny the rumor?

Nkosazana now can be seen as one of the celebs who do not want their private life in the limelight. According to Musa Khawula`s source, she gave birth two months ago.

Musa`s source was asked if he knows about the pregnancy and said, “The baby is there”. The Youtuber was shocked by this news as he thought Nkosazana was pregnant.

“You lie,” Musa replied in shock. The source added, “She already gave birth. It has been about two months now.”

Another star who recently gave birth is Mbalenhle Mavimbela who plays Hlomu in The Wife. A source told City Press that the father is a wealthy businessman from Johannesburg, but the father’s identity remains a mystery.

Yes, she had a baby, but I am not the father. The father is well known, but I am not the father. The father is in the [entertainment] industry as well. He is a celebrity. She is a friend of mine.”

“I am not a celebrity, and I would not want things like this written about me. I just called her after we spoke earlier to ask her if she knows why people are saying I am the father of her child … She is currently in hospital with the baby, and they are both fine. Everyone in the industry knows her boyfriend. I am just a friend,” the businessman alleged.


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