A 34-year-old man was beaten by the community after he allegedly sexually assaulted a woman in her sleep. She was in her home when she was allegedly sexually assaulted.

The neighbors called for assistance from RUSA the local security company to the property. Officers arrived at the scene and were briefed on the situation. It came to light that the 31-year-old victim was asleep next to her husband.

She suddenly woke up after someone after she felt someone attempting to penetrate her. She asked her husband if he was the one attempting to penetrate her but he denied it. The husband switched the lights on and discovered a man in their room.

They called out for help to their neighbours and the suspect was apprehended. The suspect confirmed that he resides in the same area. He was questioned about how he managed to enter the house, and he said he entered through an unlocked door and proceeded to their bedroom.

In the bedroom that’s when he used his finger to finger the victim. He sustained injuries after he was assaulted by the community. He was placed under arrest and handed over to the police for further investigation.


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