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The leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Julius Malema, is scheduled to visit Durban on Friday 05 2024, to address the media in the wake of a crucial meeting held by the party’s central elections task force.

The EFF, has been actively preparing for the upcoming elections. The central elections task force, responsible for strategizing and coordinating the party’s electoral efforts, convened in Durban to discuss key aspects of their campaign strategy.

Malema is expected to provide insights into the party’s plans and vision for the future during the press conference.

The EFF has gained significant traction in South African politics, championing issues such as land reform, economic inclusivity, and social justice.

Sources within the party suggest that Malema will unveil key elements of the EFF’s manifesto during the media address.

This comes ahead of the party’s manifesto launch, scheduled to take place next month in the coastal city of Durban, situated in the heart of the Zulu kingdom.

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The choice of Durban as the launch site holds significance, as it reflects the EFF’s commitment to engaging with the diverse cultural landscape of South Africa.

The Zulu kingdom, with its rich heritage and traditions, serves as a symbolic backdrop for the unveiling of the party’s manifesto.

Party supporters and are eagerly awaiting Malema’s address, anticipating a glimpse into the EFF’s policy priorities and electoral strategy. The event is also likely to draw attention to the EFF’s stance on pressing national issues, providing a platform for the leader to articulate the party’s vision for the country.

The media briefing is scheduled for Friday, and the EFF leader is expected to take questions from journalists, offering further clarity on the party’s stance on current affairs and addressing concerns raised by the public.

Malema’s visit to Durban and the subsequent manifesto launch promise to be pivotal moments in shaping the narrative for the EFF in the upcoming elections. The EFF’s ability to connect with voters and present a compelling vision for the country will be under scrutiny as the political momentum builds towards the electoral season.


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