Durban men ambushed and robbed 500 000 rands worth of coins

On Thursday morning, an incident occurred at the intersection of Hunslet Road and Cross Road robots at the M25 on-ramp in Phoenix Industrial Park.

According to an incident report, the victims were transporting 30 crates filled with money bags containing R5, R2, R1, 50c, 20c, and 10c cash coins to be banked at SBV in Pinetown.

The victims were allegedly ambushed en route by a white Isuzu bakkie that blocked their vehicle and forced the driver to stop. Three men, two of them armed, then approached the vehicle, pointing firearms.

They entered the vehicle and pushed the victims to the back before driving off with the vehicle. The Isuzu bakkie followed behind.

The suspects drove to an abandoned spot in Duffs Road, Durban, where they offloaded 20 crates of coins consisting of R5, R2, and R1, allegedly leaving the smaller coins behind.

The total value of the stolen coins was R545,947.

The robbers refused to take the victim’s phone because it was an old make and took their vehicle keys instead.

The suspects fled the scene in their bakkie with the stolen coins. The victims then called their boss for assistance with towing their vehicle.

Phoenix SAPS is investigating a case of robbery following the incident. A 58-year-old man and his colleagues were robbed by three armed men, according to Provincial police spokesperson Constable Thenjiswa Ngcobo.

The complainant alleged that he was driving along Hunslet Road to the bank when unknown armed suspects blocked their vehicle, took an undisclosed amount of cash at gunpoint, and drove off.


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