Community alerts security company about suspicious activity that led to arrest

On Wednesday morning, the community of Morningside saw some suspicious behavior and took the measure of alerting the local security company.

The Marshall Security Emergence Dispatch center received reports from the WhatsApp Crime Alert group of a suspect walking on Percy Osborn Road carrying a flat-screen TV box. The message was received around 08:30.

Upon receiving the crime alert message, an armed response team was dispatched to investigate. The suspect was spotted at the corner of Percy Osborn and Smiso Nkwanyana road, where the officers detained the suspect for questioning.

They asked him to open the box, they found the TV still inside. After a few questions, the suspect was not able to provide a reasonable explanation as to where and how he got the flat-screen TV and was immediately apprehended.

The Durban Central SAPS were contacted and arrived on the scene a short while later. They transported the suspect together with the TV to Durban Central SAPS where he was to be charged with being in possession of suspected stolen items.

Well done to the vigilant member of the public who reported the suspicious behavior.


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