Durban Sun Black mamba

A QUEENSBURGH family got the shock of their lives when a 2m Black Mamba decided to hide amongst the ornaments of their Christmas tree. The incident occurred on Thursday, December 22, just three days before Christmas.

According to local snake rescuer Nick Evans, who captured the snake at the Queensburgh home, the snake was initially outside when it was disturbed by the gardener.

”It then moved away from him out of fear, saw the open door, and ducked inside. From there, it went up the Christmas tree and onto a small shelf above it,” said Evans.

The jarred family then contacted Evans. “While I was on my way, it slithered back down the tree and hid at the bottom, behind a speaker,” said Evans.

Evans then picked it up from where it was hiding with professional snake tongs. “I lifted it over the wires and things that could get knocked over, put it on the lounge floor, and pinned it down.”

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The snake was captured by Nick Evans after finding a hiding spot amongst the ornaments of the family’s Christmas tree. Photo: Nick Evans

The local snake rescuer says that the snake is about 2m long.

Commenting on the unusual situation, Evans said, “The family was rather shocked, as you can imagine. It’s one of the more amusing places I’ve found a mamba.”


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