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A 13-year-old boy was killed after a taxi hit a cow on the P100 in Ndwedwe on Sunday.

Motorists contacted RUSA for assistance on the scene. According to RUSA, they found the scene attended by the Provincial Ambulance Service.

The questioning was carried out, and it was established that the Taxi struck a cow before the driver veered across the oncoming lane. The taxi collided with a metal barrier which ripped the sliding door off the vehicle and threw out a teenager who was seated by the door seat.

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The taxi plummed down an embankment ( a wall) before it came to a stop. The driver was reported to have fled the scene. He was suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol. Six other children sustained minor moderate injuries.

They were transported privately to a medical facility. The 13-year-old sustained life-threatening injuries and was pronounced deceased at the scene. It is alleged that the children are related to the driver who was transporting them to a family member`s residence at the time of the accident.

The cow sustained minor injuries and left the scene prior to the arrival of First Responders.


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