Watch: Tornado-Like Storm Rips Through Tongaat and La Mercy, Leaving Trail of Destruction

Watch: ‘Tornado’ Rips Through Tongaat and La Mercy, Leaving Trail of Destruction

A tornado-like storm has wreaked havoc in the Tongaat and La Mercy areas, north of Durban, causing extensive damage and multiple injuries.

Seatides High School, located in the affected region, has suffered significant destruction. Video footage from the aftermath at Seatides Secondary School reveals several buildings damaged and trees broken or uprooted.

The scene is one of devastation, with emergency responders working tirelessly to manage the crisis.

Westbrook has also been hit by the tornado, adding to the widespread impact of the storm.

Ipss Medical Rescue teams have been deployed to the hardest-hit areas, providing crucial medical assistance to those injured.

Local authorities and emergency services, including KZNVIP Protection Services, METRO Fire, and other emergency units, are on the scene, coordinating efforts to ensure the safety of residents and conduct further investigations into the extent of the damage.

Residents are urged to stay indoors and avoid travelling as the storm continues to affect various parts of Durban.

Social media is abuzz with videos showing the tornado’s path of destruction, including a clip of the storm moving out to sea after tearing through Tongaat and La Mercy.

The full extent of the damage is still being assessed, but it is clear that several areas north of Durban have been severely affected.

Emergency services are on high alert, providing assistance and working to restore safety in the impacted communities.

Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.


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